Triactive Laser Dermology

LaserDermology is a new state of the art cellulite treatment that uses 3 mechanisms: Heat to stimulate microcirculation, cooling to reduce inflammation, and massage for lymphatic drainage and to breakup the connective tissue. The Tri-ActiveTM action smoothes and tightens the cellulite affected areas. While several factors contribute to cellulite, three agents determine its development: heredity, estrogen and fat. Cellulite is impurities and toxins trapped by a network of connective tissue fibers. Fat deposits will accumulate within the structure of this tissue network, which causes a dimpling effect. As connective tissue weakens with age, the dimpling becomes even more pronounced. The best candidates are between the ages of 18-60 years old.


Treatment areas include abdomen toning for guests who are concerned with the stomach and back portions of the body. Cellulite reduction portion of the body concentrates on the buttocks, thighs, and calves. Arm toning aids in the contouring of the upper arm areas. Facial toning portion gives a “mini lifting” look that can be seen for up to 4 days. The best results are seen when treatments are performed in a series of 10-16 treatments.


One Area

$90 per treatment


Two Areas

$150 per treatment


Arm Treatment

$60 per treatment


Full Body or Three Body Areas

$180 per treatment


Full Body plus Face

$255 per treatment


One Area (Series of 6 Treatments)



One Area (Series of 16 Treatments)



Arm Area (Series of 6 Treatments)



Arm Area (Series of 16 Treatments)



Two Areas (Series of 6 Treatments)



Two Areas (Series of 16 Treatments)



Full Body (Series of 6 Treatments)



Full Body (Series of 16 Treatments)



Full Body Plus Face (Series of 6 Treatments)



Full Body Plus Face (Series of 16 Treatments)



Facial (Series of 6 Treatments)



Facial (Series of 16 Treatments)





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