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Healing massage services at our Spa Relieving sore muscles from stress or injury



swedish massage

A skillful combination of gentle stroking, kneading and circular motions will promote relaxation and soothe sore and tired muscles. This full body massage is therapeutic to both mind and body.

50 Minute - $130

80 Minute - $210

Mini Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focused on the neck, back and shoulder area.

25 Minute - $70

Aromatherapy Massage

Our Swedish massage performed utilizing a variety of aromatic essential oils. This combination tends to heighten the overall sensory experience.

50 Minute - $120
80 minute - $200

Deep Tissue Massage

This full body massage is designed to help increase flexibility, relieve sore muscles, and speed up muscle recovery due to stress or injured muscles by using a combination of slower massage strokes, deep finger pressure and therapeutic oils.

50 Minute - $140
80 minute - $240

Maternity Massage

This delightful full-body massage is specifically designed to bring comfort to the expecting mother. Please Note: Expecting mothers must be past their first trimester; deep work not administered during this massage. 

50 Minute - $130

Foot Reflexology

Based upon the theory that certain zones of the body correspond to specific organs and structures, this stimulating massage makes use of special techniques on the feet to achieve a true systemic reaction. A complete restoration of the body and mind!  

50 Minute - $110

Couples Massage

Re-connect and revitalize with an array of services designed specifically for couples. You and yours will enjoy steams and more within our intimate setting.


Prices vary.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, basalt lava stones are heated and placed on the neck, back, and extremities. The heat from the stones, combined with essential oils and a Swedish massage, helps alleviate sore muscles and creates deep relaxation and well-being. 

80 Minute - $260

Add Essential Oils to any Massage

Enjoy any of our massages with essential oils added to heighten the overall sensory experience.


Lymphatic Drainage

Move fluid away from swollen, congested areas and toward healthy lymph nodes. This treatment is gentle, relaxing, and supportive of the whole lymphatic system.




Take Your Time

To obtain the highest benefits of your massage we recommend you allow enough time prior to your appointment to use the steam and sauna.

Shower Prior to a Massage

A warm shower just before your massage is relaxing and washes off any salts, minerals and chemicals that could clog pores when mixed with massage oils. Put on your robe and slippers and meet your therapist in the Relaxation Room five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Talk with your Therapist

Before your massage, tell your therapist which areas you would like focused on, and any areas you want avoided. If you feel any discomfort during your massage please communicate with your therapist. Communication is the key to getting the massage you want.

Undress the Part

It is recommended you undress completely and wear just your robe and slippers. Undergarments may be worn if preferred. Your technician will leave you alone so you may disrobe and cover yourself with a sheet before returning to the room. You will be draped throughout your service.

What if Deep Work is Administered?

Our multi-talented massage therapist is devoted to giving you a massage that will satisfy your needs. Remember, deep does not always mean better and receiving a deep massage should not cause pain. Please communicate with your therapist regarding the pressure and listen to your body.

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