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relaxing facial

This facial is meant to feel amazing as we use a blend of scrubs, enzymes that dissolve debris in the pores, and moisturizers. Perfect for all skin types. No distractions or bright lights we want you to drift away and feel pampered from head to toe.


repairing facial

By booking this deep cleansing facial, it lets your specialist know that there are some issues that you would like to be addressed. It is the same as the relaxing facial, so you won't be missing out on being pampered of course, but we take a closer look and have more of a consultation with you, and we will recommend a routine products you achieve your skin care goals.


acne facial

A 5 Step treatment formulated with BHA, AHA’s and Probiotics, designed to clear skin congestion, detoxify, control acne and normalize skin. This extraordinary facial also revitalizes fatigued, stressed and dull skin. Recommended in a series of 5 treatments for best results.


men's facial

A deep cleansing facial especially designed for the needs of a man. The refreshing experience reduces ingrown hair, soothes razor burn, and tightens and firms the skin for a more youthful look.

Please shave face area prior to service.


rosacea facial

This treatment is designed for sensitive skin or clients with Rosacea. Personalized products help soothe red, irritated skin while promoting hydration and refining skin tone by calming the skin.


Skin Pen Microneedling

Skin Pen Precision gives your skin the reset that it needs. First FDA Cleared Micro Needling Device that improves acne scars and neck lines. Little to no downtime. 

$350 - 1 Session

oxygen lift facial

To rejuvenate and prevent signs of aging, this treatment exfoliates, oxygenates and illuminates the skin using enzymes and an effervescent mask.


flash facial


back cleansing treatment


chemical peels

$90 and up

perfection peel facial



Manual exfoliation allowing dead skin to come off like dust along with baby fine hairs. Painless and great for all skin types. 



The Hydrafacial machine provides heightened effects such as improved circulation, flushes out pores and debris for an instantly smoother, softer texture. No irritation or down time, just fresh and healthy skin.

Signature - $219

Deluxe- $279 (light & booster added)

Platinum- $319 (light, booster & lymphatic added)

Targeted Booster Serum $50

Diamond Glow

More than a glow. A Skin Transformation. Experience Diamond Glow, a next level, non invasive skin resurfacing treatment, designed to work with Skin Medica Advanced skincare products to deliver healthy and radiant skin.



little luxuries

neck and decollete

Special care is given to this delicate area utilizing high performance products that help nourish, regenerate and tone the skin by preserving elasticity and firmness.


vacuum extractions


lymphatic drainage


hand or foot therapy/paraffin


leave in conditioning & scalp treatment


products for purchase:

From Skin Medica, Latisse, Image Skin Care, Obagi, Farm House Fresh, Oribe, Kerastase 

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